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This project seeks to understand racial segregation based on not where people live but where they move about the city. Using newly-available data on people’s daily travel to establishments and neighborhoods across cities, it examines separation, isolation, and integration.

PI: Mario L. Small



  • Li, Weiyu, Qi Wang, Yuanyuan Liu, Mario L. Small, and Jianxi Gao. 2022. “A Spatiotemporal Decay Model of Human Mobility when Facing Large-scale Crises.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119(33) e2203042119.

  • Phillips, Nolan E., Bryan L. Levy, Robert M. Sampson, Mario L. Small, and Ryan Q. Wang. 2021. “The Social Integration of American Cities: Network Measures of Connectedness Based on Everyday Mobility across Neighborhoods.” Sociological Methods & Research 50(3):110-49.

  • Wang, Qi, Nolan Phillips, Mario L. Small, and Robert S. Sampson. 2018. “Urban Mobility and Neighborhood Isolation in America’s 50 Largest Cities.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(30):7735-40.

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